Students are Still Going to Class When They are Sick

Students are Still Going to Class When They are Sick

By | Erin Chessin

The amount of HSU students with runny noses and cold symptoms is staggering, yet people are still going to class. Students fear that missing a single class will greatly affect their grade.

It’s difficult to avoid getting sick on a college campus where germs and bacteria can manifest easily. Classrooms are stuffy and students are constantly coughing and sneezing.

Panda Viera, a kinesiology major at HSU, could not afford to miss class despite her health.

“Sitting in my classes the whole week was miserable,” Viera said. “I felt my head swimming, my sinuses out of whack, and my head hurt.”

Viera forced herself to go to all her classes throughout the week even though she got sick on Monday. She missed one evening class on Friday and chose to rest instead.

“I was taking notes aimlessly and writing things down, but not necessarily processing the material,” Viera said. “I was falling asleep in my classes, just staring at my teachers and nodding off. It would only be one in the afternoon.”

Instead of waiting in long lines at the HSU Health Center on campus, Viera has a natural remedy for curing her sickness. She advises students to drink plenty of water, but also to try adding other ingredients into water that are great cold symptom fighters.

“I like to put lemon slices, cinnamon and honey in a mason jar then add boiling water to it,” Viera said.”When I drink it, the liquid is soothing and the ingredients help fight sickness. For example the honey helps kill bacteria. The drink keeps me hydrated which is important when you’re sick.”

It is common for professors to remind students that they should not attend class if they have flu symptoms.

However, students fear that if they choose to stay in bed and not go to class, they will find themselves behind in their schoolwork.

“I’m starting to get sick,” Gio Romo, a kinesiology major at HSU said. “I won’t go to my 8 a.m classes because I need the rest, but I will go to the rest of my classes that are later in the day.”

Romo advises to students that the best way to fight sickness is to get plenty of rest.

Ryanne Bailey, a recreation administration major at HSU, is currently fighting feverish nights and groggy mornings. Bailey said that she cannot afford to miss attendance points, yet teachers can afford to cancel the class altogether.

“Professors cancel class when they are sick, yet students can’t skip out unless they have a doctor’s note,” Bailey said.

Bailey fears that missing class will impact the attendance portion of her grade. Bailey said even though she only missed one class, she still has school work to catch up on over the weekend.

“Attendance affects my grade, so I have to go to class whether I’m sick or not.”

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  1. Henchman Of Justice

    In the pursuit of social justice Hsu students should form an on-campus group, collect data to create a poll to see how many students feel that they have the right to litigate in civil court and argue for damages because other students knowingly come to school sick and perpetrate there sickness in an abusive form upon students who aren’t sick at the time.

    HSU is supposed to be a Crime Free Zone, a safe zone for students.

    How can HSU be a safe zone if campus officials allow sick students to infect the innocent……

  2. Henchman Of Justice

    “Attendance affects my grade, so I have to go to class whether I’m sick or not.”

    Response: attendance by sick students affect grades of non sick students, so who really is perpetrating declining studies…….sick people that infect the innocent under the guise of “grades”.

    What kookiness……doing anything when sick that increases probability of infecting others while not even addressing the proper healing tenets that sick people should adhere to…..

    Sick students who infect should pay higher tuitions.

    Young, dumb and full of liberal chum….

  3. Henchman Of Justice

    Even better as part of comment number one is that the polling data students should get together to fight the administrative policies that allow teachers to take a sick day without any penalty, but not the students because who as a fellow student would want to be sickened by another sick student whose only reason to come to school as a sick student is because they are forced to or else their grades go down… that reads like lack of a due process and title nine violations as it relates to equal opportunities in education…….. how is it that professor big shots get paid, not even show up to class, but students don’t get paid (ie. a fair grade) when they don’t or CAN’T show up because they’re sick?

    Or this here,

    “The Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA) of 1974 is a federal law of the United States of America. It prohibits discrimination against faculty, staff, and students, including racial segregation of students, and requires school districts to take action to overcome barriers to students’ equal participation. It is one of a number of laws affecting educational institutions including the Rehabilitation Act (1973), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).”

    One thing Hsu has always lacked as a campus is critical thinking…….

  4. Henchman Of Justice

    Get well to Title IX investigator Barnes from HSU………maybe HOJ wss on to something about Title IX violations by HSU in how it discriminates against sick students, students with health issues not requiring a doctors note for an absolute sickness……..who gets a doctor note for a headache, common cold, flu…….HSU trying to force students into the healthcare system…….. as opposed to simple self diagnostics…….irony, but still, get well T. Barnes (channel 3 Sunday night news).

    Will HSU cease its policy of student health abuse?


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