Students walk out

Students walk out

By Iridian Casarez

Students walked out of class in protest of a possible tuition hike on March 1. 

Photo by Ali Osgood

Vanessa Daigh is a student majoring in social work and participated in the student walkout. Daigh is an independent and pays for tuition herself.

“I’m an independent. I don’t have parents or funds to support myself,” Daigh said. “This tuition hike puts my future in jeopardy.”

HSU’s M.E.Ch.A., HSU Green, I.N.R.S.E.P., DDY, Humboldt Unity Coalition Front, Power Up!, and Associated Students planned the student walkout in response to a proposed tuition hike by the Board of Trustees of the California State University’s (CSU). The tuition would be increased by $340 dollars to every student in the CSU system. 

Jonah Platt is the Associated Students’ president and collaborated with organizers for the event.

“Currently all students of colors aren’t supported and the tuition increase in the total opposite of supporting them,” said Platt.

Platt said he understands that administration and chancellors want more money to go into the CSU system but believes the money shouldn’t come from the students, it should come from the state of California.

Marisol Ruiz is an assistant professor in the education department at HSU. Ruiz said she thinks it’s important for students to know that California is one of the most taxed states in the U.S. and gets the least amount of money for public education.

“They’re not investing in us,,” Ruiz said. “The state of California only spends $18,000 on public education when the state is one of the most richest states.” 

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  1. John S

    I pay it myself too. I work hard and have some money put aside so I’m okay.
    We should end all support. People should learn the value of hard work.


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