This week in news (March 1 to March 7)

This week in news (March 1 to March 7)


-30th Annual Dog Expo

The Redwood Acres held the 30th Annual Dog Expo on Saturday, March 4. The expo included events that focused on how to to be a better dog owner, breed parades, scavenger hunts, and agility contest.

Source: Times Standard

-Icy roads wreak havoc

Icy weather conditions have caused a lot of accidents on the U.S. Highway 101 from Del Norte to McKinleyville.  Arcata Fire District and Cal Fire have advised people to avoid the roads in these dangerous weather conditions.

Source: Lost Coast Outpost



-Berkeley pro-Trump rally turns violent

A pro-Trump rally broke out into violence on Saturday, March 4. Anti-Trump and pro-Trump supporters collided at the pro-trump rally at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. There was at least 10 arrests.

Source: Washington Post

-New Obamacare

The House Republicans introduced a new replacement to the Affordable Care Act. The new bill is more conservative replacing federal insurance subsidies with a new form of individual tax credits and grants to help states shape their own policies.

Source: Washington Post



-Iran tests air defense

Iran tested their new air defense missiles earlier this weekend. The missiles came dangerously close to a U.S. navy surveillance ship in the Strait of Hormuz.

Source: Washington Post

-Zambia stampede

At least eight people were killed and 28 others injured in a stampede over food aid in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka on March 6. Zambia is a country in southern Africa. Around 35,000 people were trying to enter a sports complex to claim food that was given by the Church of Christ.

Source: Reuters

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