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Arcata’s Minor Theatre Reopens

Minor Theatre grand reopening weekend event poster.

by Tyler Boydstun | “I’m always looking for ways to give back,” said Minor Theatre owner Josh Neff. “I thought film is that sort of media that everyone can enjoy.” Neff owns the Minor block on the Arcata Plaza. The ...

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Scratched for life


By Megan McDaniel From bedrooms and sketchy hotel rooms to living room couches, scratchers are making their way across town. Scratchers are self-taught tattoo artists usually working out of their homes. Being a scratcher is becoming easier with the use ...

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Quotes on Campus


“What do you think of the new California Tobacco Law?” Having trouble buying tobacco under 21 years old? As of June 9, 2016 one must be 21 to purchase tobacco products which includes, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, rolling paper and in ...

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Make Sure To Get Every Surface

Don't forget to clean the top of the refrigerator.

By Ashley Groze | Many Humboldt State students have landlord horror stories. We’ve all heard of the landlord that never fixes anything falling apart or broken on the property but still manages not to return the renter’s full deposit. College ...

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eSports: Keyboards & Basketball Courts

A statue of the hero Tryndamere sits outside the entrance of the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Season 3 Finals of League of Legends. The championship took place Oct. 4, 2013 in Los Angeles, California

By Wilson Hartstock | More people watched the League of Legends Championship in 2015 than the 2016 NBA Finals. Okay, okay, League of Legends only pulled in 36 million compared the 31 million that tuned in for the NBA Finals. ...

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