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Holding Down Oakland in Humboldt


Jhsiri Massey shares her unique life as a rapper and student Jhsiri Emerson Massey aka “Siri” hails from the land of stunna shades and sideshows aka Oakland, California. Oakland is breeding ground to some of the Bay Area’s most well ...

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Life After College


by Chelsea Medlock The fear of life after college is a constant thought that concerns us all at some point. Once we graduate from undergrad, we hope to take on something that will support us more financially or academically, and ...

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Life by Gaming


Opinion by Wilson Hartsock I often wonder what my roommates think when they walk into my room on a Saturday night. My body sits at my desk opposite the door, silhouetted by the blue hue of my monitor. My big ...

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Drawing with Purpose


By Chelsea Medlock If anyone is lucky enough to have a grandparent in their life to share wisdom, cherish it. Student artist Gichi Viramontes says her grandfather’s artistic influence made her who she is today. Viramontes, an art major at ...

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Student Homelessness at Humboldt State

Braden Black is a sophomore business student at Humboldt State who is homeless. Photo by Reyna Wilcoxon.

By Reyna Wilcoxon Branden Black, a sophomore business major, is one of the couch-hoppers of HSU. “It’s hard to feel stable,” Black said. “[Being homeless] has definitely taken a toll on my mental health and well-being.” According to the food ...

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Jacks Stay Seated

Malcolm Chanaiwa and others sit for the National Anthem during Saturday's football game to show support for "Black Lives Matter."

Jacks with Kaepernick continue their protests during Humboldt State’s home football game on Saturday by Tyler Boydstun “I’m here to be an ally for human beings,” Humboldt State senior sociology and philosophy student Zach Kihm said. Kihm sat during the ...

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Getting High with Some Slackers

A unknown slackliner walks high above the forest floor in Arcata's Community Forest for the Humboldt Classic 2016, Saturday morning.

By Megan McDaniel Deep into the forest and way up in the trees, 10 highline slacklines are suspended from tree to tree as daring people walk across them. This years ninth annual “The Humboldt Classic” took place on Humboldt beaches, ...

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Arcata’s Minor Theatre Reopens

Minor Theatre grand reopening weekend event poster.

by Tyler Boydstun | “I’m always looking for ways to give back,” said Minor Theatre owner Josh Neff. “I thought film is that sort of media that everyone can enjoy.” Neff owns the Minor block on the Arcata Plaza. The ...

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