Discovery of new solar system

By Domanique Crawford With NASA’s recent discovery of seven earth-sized planets orbiting a small star, who’s to say extraterrestrials don’t exist? The cosmic possibilities may be endless. “It’s definitely possible,” said  HSU history major Cameron McDermid. “It’s not going to be

This week in science (March 1 – March 8)

By Claire Roth Physiology – Understanding our desires Scientists from the United Kingdom recently were awarded with “The Brain Prize” by Denmark’s Lundbeck Foundation for their research on what it is in our brains that makes us enjoy things in

 Attempts at a ‘Fake’ out

The new administration feuds with the media By| Domanique Crawford  You know Larry, right? Larry is the man you decide to take a chance on even though his past is sketchy. Larry says he respects woman but cheats on every

Editorial: What’s in your coverage?

GOP presents the American Health Care Act If you are worried about obtaining health care insurance, well… you should be. After House Republicans faced a firestorm of criticisms for hiding away on the Hill to hash out their healthcare reform

Who Knew @ HSU? : The Wildlife Museum

Did you know the wildlife building has over 15,000 animal specimens. In this installment of Who Knew @ HSU? we take a look at the Wildlife Museum which offers a way for students to research animals close up. Video by

Letters from Pelican Bay

By| Tania Mejia In August of 2016, the Department of Justice [DOJ] made an announcement claiming it would begin phasing out the use of private prisons. I clearly remember coming back to school and a number of people sharing their

Word on the Street: Spring Break

By Curran Daly Humboldt State will be going on spring break next week. Spring break is an opportunity for students to travel, relax, and take a break from studies. We hit the streets to ask some fellow Lumberjacks what they

Grilled Mac-n-Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup. Photo | Curran Daly

Recipe: Mac-n-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Video | Curran Daly & Chelsea Medlock Recipe | Curran Daly Ingredients 1 – box Kraft Mac n Cheese 6 – slices of bacon 1 – loaf of bread 1 – Campbell’s tomato soup 8 – slices of cheese ¼

Toketee Falls is a short hike with tall cascades. | Photo by Scott McCrary

Don’t Trip, Just Hit the Road

How to Navigate a Budget Oregon Road Trip By Kelly Bessem “On a roadtrip? Things rarely go as planned, but that’s part of the adventure,” said Sean Sesanto, a senior Humboldt State University student from Santa Cruz, Calif. Stormy roads

Environmental engineering senior, Derek Roelle, gears up to walk a quarter mile down the snowy road to the open slopes. | Photo by Ryan Wiegman

Skis Get Degrees

By Ali Osgood It’s been a record high year for rain and snow according to N.O.A.A., so to escape the wet coast, students head for the snowy mountains to get their adrenaline fix.

Underrepresented minority groups in science

By Iridian Casarez HSU science professors and staff organized an event last Saturday, March 4, dubbed “You belong here!” Created for underrepresented minority groups in science, the event served as a community  building function for women in science. The event

Jill Stein returns to HSU

By Iridian Casarez and Andrew George Butler Does it feel a little more green around campus today? Jill Stein, the Green Party 2016 presidential candidate, is set to speak in the Kate Buchanan room at 6 p.m., March 8. Stein,

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

Trump watch (March 1 to March 7)

President Trump addressed the Congress for the first time since his inauguration on Tuesday Feb. 28. Trump spoke about his policies on issues such as trade, defense, immigration and counterterrorism. Source: CNN President Trump tweeted Saturday night about allegations concerning

Lumberjacks continue to spread peace

By Geneva Peppars Humboldt State made the Peace Corps list of Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges for the tenth year in a row.  This year HSU ranked fifth on the list of medium size colleges for its current 33 alumnus volunteering around

HSU student affected by Trump ban

By Morgan Brizee Mohammad Maleki spent all of his tuition money on multiple boarding passes and then had to catch up on a couple weeks worth of classwork because of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. The ban is an executive order