UPDATE: Arcata murder suspect pleads not guilty

By | Andrew George Butler Kyle Zoellner, the 23 year old McKinleyville man accused of murdering HSU student David ‘Josiah’ Lawson pleaded not guilty to murder late this afternoon. Zoellner also denied the District Attorney’s special allegation that he used

A Joint a Day Causes Fish to Decay

Water diversion for illegal grow operations has significant environmental impact Fish need water, and so does marijuana, but people may not realize we’re approaching a point where it’s between one or the other. Many illegal grow operations divert water from

Cannifest Manifests Happiness

Humboldt County’s Cannifest brought local cannabis culture to Redwood Acres Fairground on April 15 & 16 Reporting by Ali Osgood Photos by Marcos Villarreal and Devyn Session

California bail reform bill

By Iridian Casarez A new bill was presented to the State Assembly Committee in the state of California that will effectively eliminate the bail system. The State Assembly’s Committee  voted on the bill, Assembly Bill 42. According to the Los

Mary Jane in the brain

What goes on inside your brain when you’re high By| Carlos Olloqui Things melt, time loses all meaning. Your body begins to tingle from head to toe. Everything you touch feels electric. Music seems to play note by note. Pressure

$75,000 bong for sale at Humboldt Glassblowers

By Erin Chessin On display and for sale at Humboldt Glassblowers, is a $75,000 bong. You can find psychedelic and intricate glassworks of nearly a hundred local artists at the bong and pipe store located in downtown Arcata. Arthur Ecker

Women in Weed

Cannabis industry take over By|Megan McDaniel It’s not just about blunts and babes when it comes to women in the cannabis industry. It’s about hard work, courage, strength, and determination of working in a field dominated by men. Surprisingly there

HSU cultivation 

More than a 4/20 education By | The Lumberjack Editorial Board   What is the first words that come to mind when you think of Humboldt State University? While it should be environmentally-conscience, often HSU is associated with marijuana culture. Don’t

HSU’s 4/20 Fame

Exaggerating stereotypes of Humboldt and it’s cannabis culture By|Domanique Crawford “Are you going to Humboldt just so you can smoke weed?” My friend- who for none-embarrassment purposes we will just call Jane- asked me when I announced what school I

Hoopa Valley High School fire

By Iridian Casarez Three buildings at Hoopa Valley High School were engulfed in 40 foot flames early Monday morning. According to Times Standard, Hoopa Valley High School’s auto shop, wood shop and choir room went up in flames due to

This week in weed

By Domanique Crawford Budding flavors   Blueberry Yum Yum, Strawberry Kush, Pineapple Express, and Girl Scout cookies. What’s your favorite flavor? The University of British Columbia researched 30 different molecules that give cannabis plants their flavor. These molecules are called

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

This week in news (April 12 to April 18)

By Iridian Casarez Local -Collision on 299 One person died and eight others were injured in a car collision on Highway 299 Monday afternoon. Source: News Channel 3 -Myers Flat burglary and shooting Three people have been detained after a

Free weed means taxed weed

By Curran Daly   Proposition 64 legalized the recreational use of Marijuana by people 21 years of age or older. The passing of Prop 64 also created new taxes to help generate state tax increases. These taxes are meant to

HSU considering alternatives to PepsiCo

By Andrew Butler PepsiCo and HSU have spent the last five years in a contractual partnership. PepsiCo pays HSU athletics $35,000 a year in scholarships, HSU gives PepsiCo 80 percent of available shelving space for its drinks, and the students

The green is looking grey

Humboldt County’s cannabis policies are unclear By Ali Osgood Travis Poe is racing against countless others in Humboldt County to build a cannabis business under the recently passed Proposition 64, a bill that legalized marijuana in California. And much like

Butane ban from Arcata

The process to make butane hash oil can result in explosions and chemical fires. Butane hash oil, also known as wax, honey oil, shatter, and dab, is made by butane extraction. This process is used to create butane hash oil

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

Trump watch (April 12 to April 18)

By Iridian Casarez President Trump is claiming that he cannot be sued because he is now President of the United States, his defense in lawsuit said Trump incited rally-goers to violence that assaulted protesters in his 2016 campaign. President Trump