Remembering David Josiah Lawson

By Iridian Casarez Family, friends, students, faculty and community members filled the KBR to remember David Josiah Lawson. Lawson, a second year criminology major and president of Brothers United was stabbed and killed on the early morning of Saturday April 15.

Home Grown

Grow marijuana from the comfort of your home with the Green Box By Andre Hascall There is a way to grow marijuana easily while keeping costs relatively low. Greenbox Grow is a company that sells the necessary tools for marijuana

Residence halls cede to weed

By Curran Daly Humboldt County has a reputation for accepting the widespread use of cannabis. While Humboldt State gives a stern warning to students that weed is not allowed in the dorms upon orientation, it is still present. One freshman

4/20 at HPRC

Article by Juan Herrera Video by Juan Herrera and Chelsea Medlock Right when you enter, the strong aroma of medicinal marijuana hits your nostrils so hard you can almost taste it. Over twelve different strains clog your nose of smelly

Weed on the street

What do you think legalized weed means? By Charlotte Rutigliano After the passing of Proposition 64 last November, there has been a lot of talk about what it will mean for the legalization of marijuana. We asked some students on