HSU Takes on the Big Apple

By Juan Herrera Maintaining peace, resolving conflicts, protecting the environment and much more between nations is not an easy task, but someone has to do it. The organization in charge of doing so is the United Nations (U.N.). This group

Succulents soothe the soul

By Emily Moore Succulents are an awesome, low maintenance plant that are uniquely adapted to dry climates by storing water in the leaves, roots and stems. This makes them excellent plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces. That said, you

HSU Library Faces $150,000 in Budget Cuts

By Erin Chessin About $150,000 is being subtracted from the HSU Library due to extreme budget cuts the school is facing. This means that $80,000 is coming out of library staff positions and $70,000 is coming out of the library’s

Recipe: Toad in the Hole

By Liam Olson Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It helps you get your day going and keeps you not hungry until lunch. However for some college students, it is hard to make breakfast with

When life is ruff, pet a pup

Dog Therapy to Help Students Relax during Finals Students were able to pet therapy dogs to destress from the stressful workload of finals in the Jolly Giant Commons on April 29. Canyon Student Assistant Elisabeth Torretti and the Canyon staff

Compassionate Bonds — New HSU Chem Prof Goes Above and Beyond

By Bryan Donoghue For many students at Humboldt State University, any chemistry class is on a list of the hardest courses a student can take. Humboldt State has taken on a new temporary chemistry professor whom students are dubbing “passionate,”

Four score and seven years later

We need proper advising. Graduation is upon us, yet many students find themselves coming back next semester because they did not receive enough units to complete the graduation requirement. More students are taking more than four years to get their diplomas,

This week in science (April 26 – May 3)

By Bryan Donoghue Technology – Bioprinted Cartilage Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden have managed to generate cartilage tissue by bioprinting stem cells using a 3D bioprinter. Researchers found a procedure that ensured cell survival from printing so they could

Restoring the Largest Old Growth Forest in the World

By Kelly Bessem Portions of the Prairie Creek Watershed, one hour north of Arcata, are still being restored 50 years after being clearcut. Proposed restoration plans by the National Park Service (NPS) will make this region into the largest remaining

New Netflix series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why” sparks controversy

By Erin Chessin Last month, Netflix turned Jay Asher’s New York Times Bestseller, “Thirteen Reasons Why”, into a popular new series, but not everyone is excited about the outcome. The show has received high ratings and critical acclaim for its

Breaking Boundaries

By Bryan Donoghue A professor develops expertise in their area of study after years of building their intelligence. A martial arts instructor culminates themselves into a master of their craft. There are three professors on campus who instruct in the classroom

Mental Health Week

The Peer Health Educators are hosting various workshops around HSU campus during Mental Health Week from May 1-5. They’ve finalized all the workshops for the students to enjoy, including yoga lessons, massages and how to make bath bombs. Lizzie Alvarez,

Calling HSU Home

By Skye Hopkins When it came to continuing his football career, Humboldt State was not Jamere Austin’s first choice. But now that he is here, his positive mindset is helping him make the best of it. As a new HSU

Hair Extensions at your Convenience!

By Onaja Waki In town, there aren’t really any big beauty supply warehouses like in Los Angeles or the Bay Area, where people can go to purchase hair extensions to style their hair. However, cosmetologist and owner of Lash Out lash

This week in news

By | Charlotte Rutigliano World: Pope Francis urged the United States and North Korea on Saturday to defuse their increasingly tense standoff and avert a potentially horrific conflict. (New York Times Update – 4/29/2017)   Nation: A federal judge on

This semester in news

By | Curran Daly Spring term began on January 17. Since the first Lumberjack issue of the semester, we have covered a wide range of topics within HSU and the local community. Here is a look at some of the

Travel Delays traveling to and from Humboldt

By | Andre Hascall It’s common knowledge that traveling outside of Humboldt county is a long trip. Plenty of students are getting ready to scurry down south to begin summer vacation, while families and friends of Humboldt State University graduates