Voices of students in STEM

This week focused on science majors hoping to go into careers centered around working with animals.

Homecoming Paddlefest

By | Reza Sadeghzadeh and Andre Hascall Warm, sunny days are nice to enjoy while you have the chance in Humboldt county. Homecoming and Family weekend happened to land on some days like that. One of the weekends events, known

Don’t lose your head

By | Bryan Donoghue A concussion doesn’t entirely mean hitting your head hard. Concussions happen often, and there are a multitude of adverse side effects from a concussion that can disable a person biologically. In cases where a concussion needs

Hoppy at Hoptoberfest

By | Juan Herrera Drinking beer in any setting always causes for a great time, but doing it as a fundraiser causes for an even better time. On Saturday, Oct. 14 the Blue Lake Foundation board put on the 17th