My culture is NOT a costume!

By | Reza Sadeghzadeh Some people might think it’s sexy to wear a Pocahontas costume for Halloween or funny to dress up like a Muslim wearing a thawb with a fake bomb strapped to their chest. But ask a Native

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This week in STEM

The world runs on science, at the Lumberjack we’re bringing you the top stories every week.

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We ain’t afraid of no ghost

Ghosts are figments of our imagination. That strange presence you’ve felt is your mind playing tricks on you. Chances are there is a rational explanation for that mysterious noise you heard in the middle of the night. The prickly feeling

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Jacks vs. Alums

Great players of Humboldt State men’s basketball past came back to play in the annual alumni game against your current Jacks team on Oct. 28. at Lumberjack Arena. The now visiting HSU alums put together a talented squad of players

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Life & Arts

Thriller dance class

By | Ian Benjamin Finnegan Thompson Center Activities held a Thriller dance class last Thursday in preparation for Halloween. The participants will be holding a flash mob of the dance at 1pm on Halloween at the UC Quad.

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