Raising the bar

How you spend your time vs. how faculty thinks you spend your time

CCAT’s new hydroponics system

Video by Kyra Skylark. CCAT, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology at HSU has installed a new hydroponics system at the house. The system was installed this semester and everyone at CCAT is excited to see how the project develops.

Ja’Quan Gardner best of HSU football

By | Keaundrey Clark Senior Running Back Ja’Quan Gardner will go down as one of the best football players to ever wear a Humboldt State Lumberjack football jersey. The respect he gets from the community, coaches and his teammates is what

Let the deceased rest in peace

The bodies in the Anatomy Lab on Humboldt State Universities campus are not allowed for the viewing of the public.

The celebration of Diwali at Humboldt State

Video by Sarahi Apaez. India’s most significant holiday of the year brought light and blessings to the Kate Buchanan Room and the Humboldt State community. Diwali Prakash, or more commonly known as the Festival of Lights transformed the KBR with

Trump and the Weinstein effect

Now is an appropriate time to have a serious discussion about sexual harassment. Dozens of celebrities have come forward to reveal their stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey are just a sample of the