How to stay dry in Humboldt

The spring semester means rain season and it is likely to stay that way the whole semester. Here are some tips from my local prespective to stay dry in Humboldt. Get proper rain gear. It’s not fun walking from class

Word on the Street: What students look forward to this semester

Name: Dalvin Jamal-Milton Major: Psychology Standing: Sophomore “One thing that I’m looking forward to is this rugby season. Our rugby team looks pretty good this year, and I think we have some really good chemistry… we have all the means

Dunes Climate Ready Study gains ground

In only the second half of the second year of the Dunes Climate Ready Study, the project is already providing researchers with interesting data. This projected five-year study is expected to provide a better understanding of sediment movement along the

Talking about my snowflake generation

Right wingers love to call liberals “snowflakes,” a popular slang used to describe self-absorbed, thin-skinned millennials. For instance, you might be labeled a snowflake if you are easily offended by someone calling another person “gay” or “retarded.” This is true

Lady Jacks win big vs Coyotes

The Jacks women’s basketball team took care of business Saturday night by dismantling the California State University, San Bernardino Coyotes 71-53 at the Lumberjack Arena. It was a slow start to the game as both teams struggled to score a