Jacks soccer showcases talented group of recruits for 2018

National Signing Day is the day aspiring college athletes impatiently wait for, which is usually the first Wednesday of every February. The Lady Jacks will be losing three seniors for the 2018 fall season, but gain nine after welcoming talented

Give your brain a break at Brain Booth

There is a sanctuary on the second floor of the HSU Library. Turn right at the top of the main second floor stairwell, walk straight ahead and you will run into the Brain Booth. The relaxing feeling in the Brain

Speaker from Melbourne talks cannabis

Jenny Williams, a professor at the University of Melbourne, spoke with Humboldt State economics students on Feb. 19 about her findings in a 15-year study of the effects of cannabis users and their choice of job professions. “In today’s age,

Trade the small stuff for better stuff

Inspired by a Canadian man’s idea, HSU students have begun to trade their items of low value. No money is involved, it’s simply a game of trades. Humboldt State senior Adam Hayes entered a professor’s office looking to trade a