EDITORIAL: FCC aims to impose internet road blocks

Why you need to pay attention to net neutrality regulations. Since its introduction to the general public in 1990, the internet became a powerful tool by placing the world at the fingertips of the average American. Information to almost anything

Charlotte’s Web wins hearts

Chances are you know about Charlotte’s Web, a bestselling children’s novel. Now that we are grown up, we can return to the days of being read to and tap into the inspiration of animals, language and the importance of community.

International students promote diversity at Global Cafe

A collective gasp was heard across the HSU Library Fishbowl after Pakistani exchange student and Humboldt State business major Archana Nilhani made a shocking statement. “You can go to jail just for celebrating Valentine’s Day there,” Nilhani said. Nilhani delivered

HSU Library expands special collections

Humboldt State students now have access to more research materials than ever before. On Feb. 27, the HSU library hosted the grand opening of the new special collections section, previously contained to a tiny room on the third floor. “It’s

Big trees, small trees, finding strengths in diversity

For Chelsea Obeidy, an environmental science graduate from Humboldt State, a small senior capstone project studying how different factors affect seedling growth became a publication. “I approached professor Pascal Berrill with the idea to monitor seedling growths for my senior