Students v. admins: frustrated conversations at the budget cuts walkout

“Students’ rights! Students’ rights!” “Where the fuck is Lisa? Where the fuck is Lisa?” “Cut her pay! Cut her pay!” Video by Bailey Tennery. HSU students could be heard storming through Siemens Hall yesterday, demanding the school’s administration to face

Humboldt State faces healthcare shortage

One part-time psychiatrist working six hours a week. Students at HSU are facing a healthcare shortage. Brian Mistler has been the director of the Student Health and Wellness Services for two years. “I spent the first week on the job

Pro-life protest through positivity

The sun streaks through the patchy white clouds and the breeze blows cold off the bay against Moriah Nelson’s face as she sits alone on a corner in Eureka. Next to her are white signs with black lettering stating the

Year of the women 2.0

2018 is looking to be another year for woman in politics. Why stop now? 1992 has often been declared as the last “Year of the Woman” for politics. According to the United States House of Representatives History, Arts & Archives

Jacks spring break round-up

Jacks Softball The Jacks softball team had its seven-game win streak come to an end on March 18 after dropping a doubleheader versus Cal State East Bay. East Bay dominated the third game of the series 15-1 in five innings