The community speaks at town hall opioid meeting

California state senator Mike McGuire and County Supervisor Virginia Bass hosted a town hall meeting on March 29 to discuss the opioid crisis in Eureka. Panels of statewide experts, health professionals, local leaders and addiction specialists were present. Social work

Spring nourishes new growth

Spring time is here. The days are longer, the weather has warmed up and the sun is shinning. Everything is growing. At Flora Organica farm and nursery the greenhouses are getting full. Fields are being weeded and prepared for planting.

Spring ball in full effect

Eleven coaches and 66 student athletes gather every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning in preparation for their spring game later this month. “Our energy is already feeding off of each other,” backup sophomore quarterback Cheyenne Keith said. “We are doing

Community potluck for Humboldt State students

A potluck was held in the D Street Community Center on April 1. The theme of the event was for the Arcata community to bring Latin American food in honor of Cesar Chavez Day. This is the fourth community potluck

Sharing abundance at the seed exchange

Everyone eats. You’re either buying food or you’re growing it. This past weekend, the Humboldt Permaculture Guild hosted their annual Seed and Plant Exchange, a collaborative event that brings together students and members of the community over a share gardening