Marcy on the Bronx Beat at Columbia University in 1990. | Photo courtesy Jeff Schwartz

To the journalist from Yonkers

Lumberjack staff and editors bid farewell to their favorite adviser, knowing full-well she'll be back in a few years

Lumberjack staff and editors bid farewell to their favorite adviser, knowing full-well she’ll be back in a few years

After 14 years of hard work and dedication, Lumberjack Adviser Marcy Burstiner plans to take a step back from the paper and give other professors a chance to hold the reigns. As students and journalists we want to show our appreciation for Marcy the only way we know how: through words. This is for all those years, laughs and hair-pulling moments.

“Thank you Marcy for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be at this point in my life. You’ve been the best hype woman/professor/adviser I could ask for. I couldn’t be more proud to serve as Lumberjack’s EIC with you as my adviser.” – Dajonea Robinson

“Marcy Burstiner is someone who irritates you to no end, shows you that you’re loved and accepted and makes sure that you strive to be better in one fell swoop. Her attitude and her (hilarious) grace are inspiring and I’m more than grateful I was around while she advised the Lumberjack. Now we both deserve a drink.” – Deija Zavala

“I will never forget my semesters working with you as my advisor. You know you have a good adviser above you when you’re equal parts ready to quit but working even harder than before. I’ll forever hear ‘You know what your problem is…’ in the back of my head when I’m overthinking things. You’ll be greatly missed.” – Megan Bender

“Marcy’s enthusiasm for teaching always makes for an engaging class and an uplifting environment.” – Chelsea Wood

“Marcy has given me the confidence to be the reporter I never thought I could be. She has always made Lumberjack a little more exciting than other classes by lighting up the room with her bubbly personality! Thank you for everything you have done for us, Marcy!” – Amanda Schultz

“Thank you, Marcy! You are the best!” – Braeden Delome

“You have been an amazing source of inspiration and courage as a reporter and person, thank you for being you, Marcy!” – Benji Goodale

“Thank you for believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself.” – Liam Warner

“I’d like to thank Marcy for opening the doors of organization, sticky notes and spread sheets. I’d also like to thank her for reminding me as a journalist that my flaws are my assets.” – T. William Wallin

“Thank you so much Marcy for your wisdom and your guidance through my two semesters with you and the Lumberjack!” – Sebastian Lindner

“Marcy tells you what you don’t want to hear sometimes but it ultimately benefits you in the long run. She’s supportive and amazing when you get to know her more.” – Silvia Alfonso

“Thank you Marcy for inspiring me and showing me what it takes to be a journalist. You’ve taught me so much in the past nine months that have already been put to use. My only regret is that I have only one more year under your guidance.” – Freddy Brewster

“Marcy taught us a lot and sees the potential in people, even in people who are quiet like me. She knows when she sees someone who can make their mark in the field of journalism. I’ve never heard of Yonkers before I met Marcy, but if people from there are like her, then it must be a pretty cool place.” – Luis E. Lopez Jr.

“Marcy Burstiner has always inspired me to work my hardest, improve myself and find my passion.” – Cosette McCave

“I would like to send a huge thank you to Marcy for inspiring me to join the journalism field; she has given me the confidence to keep questioning people and the world around me. The Lumberjack will truly miss her spunky energy.” – Christina Samoy

“Marcy was always there to support everyone in the Lumberjack, she gave me great advice about being a reporter, writer and an overall journalist. For my first time reporting for the Lumberjack I was happy to have Marcy guide me through it.” – Skylar Gaven

“Marcy can make a captivating story out of almost anything.” – Weston Lazarus

“Marcy is a badass. I idolize her confidence and determination. Honestly, her entire persona. She genuinely has everyone’s best interest at heart and radiates positivity and good vibes, even her criticism leaves you feeling inspired and confident in your direction. Beyond journalism, Marcy cares and makes that apparent in every interaction you have with her.” – Grace Caswell

“Thank you for making me a way better reporter and always keeping it real. The LJ won’t be the same without your crazy ass. Much love.” – Gabe Rivera

“Marcy’s ability to balance energy and patience brought out the best reporter in me.” – Matt Shiffler

“Even though Marcy thinks I have rejoined The Lumberjack because she is leaving, that is not completely the case. I want her to know that I so utterly appreciate her topsy-turvy teaching style as well as her push to help me pursue things I have once felt were unrealistic.” – Skye Kimya

“Marcy taught me that no one cares if you just do what the job asks for, but you’ll also never get anywhere. The only way to keep moving forward is to consistently go above the bar that’s been set.” – Jett Williams

“I don’t remember the exact moment, but I can always feel the passion behind what Marcy believes in. And that is something you cannot teach. Passion.” – Emily Osthimer

“Thank you so much for making delicious bread and helping me recognize leads!” –Delaney Duarte

“Thank you for dedicating your life to not only teaching us how to be better story tellers, but how to be better workers, motivators and hustlers. You are truly are of my favorite educators I have had in my schooling career. You have taught me more than just how to write a catchy lead, you have taught me how to navigate in a nothing-is-promised career. Thank you for being a BOSS!” – Maia Wood

Even with all these true words of kindness nothing can describe or express the gratitude we all have for Marcy Burstiner. Thank you, Marcy. We love you. The Lumberjack misses you already.

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  1. Melody Stone Melody Stone Thursday, May 9, 2019

    Yes to all of this. Marcy was hugely influential to me and her voice still rings in my head demanding that I “show don’t tell.”

  2. anon4cec anon4cec Tuesday, May 21, 2019

    Will we ever know how many editorials she censored at HSU?

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