White choirs shouldn’t sing spirituals

by August Linton The last time I sang in a choir concert, I felt uncomfortable singing one particular piece of music from the repertoire. The song was “Everybody Rejoice (A Brand New Day)” from the soundtrack of iconic 1970s movie

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Sacred lands returned to Karuk Tribe

by Camille Delany On Thursday, Jan. 5 the Karuk Tribe’s Katimiîn and Ameekyáaraam Sacred Lands (KASL) Act was signed into law, reestablishing the Karuk Tribe as the steward of about 1,000 acres of public land in Humboldt and Siskiyou counties. 

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Life & Arts

Van life on campus is not for the weak

by Brad Butterfield It was Spring semester’s first Monday, 11 p.m., 40 degrees fahrenheit. I was strumming through a sloppy chord progression in an empty campus parking lot with a fellow student I’d just met named Ryan Kelly. We tag-teamed

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Aftershock: the nuance of Humboldt geology

by Harrison Smith Hey – did you feel it? That little jolt? The coffee on your desk is even rippling! I think we just felt an aftershock!  For some, aftershocks are a fun little jolt that give you something to

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