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Quinn Review: audio erotica app lacks lust


by Alana Hackman

Scrolling across Tik Tok, you may come across women wearing neon pink headphones talking about sexual moaning, or about how their Valentine’s day plans include listening to a man from the 1700s give them guided masturbation instructions. These outward social media methods seem to be a selling technique for the newest audio erotica app to hit the market, Quinn. 

The app is advertised for those who are interested in non-visual pornography. It has a monthly fee of $4.99. It has been on the market for about three years now. Once you get a subscription you have access to a wide selection of audios with female, male, or non-binary presenting narrators. 

The app has a clean and easily accessible design similar to most social media apps. It puts most of its audio into categories ranging from women-loving-women, praise and degradation, historical, overheard sex, and much more. 

There was definitely some hesitance when trying out this app, but the app’s overall message about being for women created by women is what made it so intriguing.

Caroline Spiegel is the founder of Quinn, and created the app while in her final year at Stanford. Spiegel came up with the idea after struggling with sexual dysfunction as a result of an eating disorder. She launched the app in 2021 with the goal to target women audiences within the porn industry, a largely underserved demographic. 

Spiegel hoped Quinn would help women suffering from sexual dysfunction and those who lack sexual arousal from overly graphic visual porn that is so common today. 

Although the company’s mission statement was applaudable and Quinn’s 4.7 stars on the app store seemed reliable, this app is definitely for a specific person. If you enjoy a faceless individual putting on a forced husky voice behind a mic and telling you what to do with very graphic sex noises and moaning, then Quinn is the app for you. 

The voices behind the audio are just too much in some cases; it’s not giving the imaginative sexual fantasy they were going for. Also, all of the grunts, bumps, squelches, and moans are a bit too much. All that I could think about was how these sound effects were being created. Was it through various household items or the real thing? It was killing the mood the app itself was trying to create. 

It is refreshing to see a porn company that prioritizes their employee safety and well-being. Knowing that Quinn is founded by women is what makes it so popular. 

The imaginative edge that is vital to the Quinn experience is what may hold some back from enjoying the app. You really have to get into your head and sexual fantasies to get some enjoyment from the app. 

If you’re an avid steamy romance novel enjoyer or were a victim to fanfiction as a teen, Quinn is probably the app for you.

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