Too small for football but on the track to attack

The track is vicious and painful, and Aris Valerio was ready because he has dealt with vicious pain. He ran a half mile in less time than it takes to get out of bed, a minute and 49 seconds to secure a spot at the National Championships back in May of 2023; the only man sent from Cal Poly Humboldt to race in Pueblo, Colorado.

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Manic? Don’t panic!

by Savana Robinson This year, I had a manic episode that lasted from January to March. During that episode, I got very little sleep. I was burying myself in any work that I could find, and my mom said I

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Financial aid is not enough

Inflation and proposed tuition increases are impacting students already on the “economic line.” Many have turned to Calfresh and the OhSnap pantry to mitigate food costs, but other expenses pile up.

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Cal Poly Humboldt students brave bralessness

I was so annoyed by bras that I chose to stop wearing them entirely. Many Cal Poly Humboldt students have done the same. Bras are becoming obsolete and bralessness is trending, particularly on our campus.

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