Say his name

Demands for justice for David Josiah Lawson increase as the anniversary of his death arrives and his life is celebrated with family, friends and community members. Charmaine Lawson gave everything she had to make sure that her son David Josiah

Justice for Josiah rally

On April 5 at 1:30 p.m., students at Humboldt State left class to attend a rally on the UC quad in remembrance of David Josiah Lawson, a student who was stabbed to death at a party in Arcata almost a

Bystanders begone

The Check It program is hosting Bystander Intervention workshops, which provide students the knowledge and skills to intervene when they witness an act of violence in the community. Have you ever seen a situation that you knew wasn’t right, and

Pro-life protest through positivity

The sun streaks through the patchy white clouds and the breeze blows cold off the bay against Moriah Nelson’s face as she sits alone on a corner in Eureka. Next to her are white signs with black lettering stating the

Homeward Bound bus won’t break bank

payedFor students struggling with travel arrangements from San Francisco and Los Angeles, relief can be found in the form of a charter bus. Approximately 44 percent of Humboldt State students originated from L.A. or the San Francisco Bay Area. HSU

40-day anti-abortion protest begins in Eureka

In association with the global campaign 40 Days For Life, a group of people gathered in Eureka outside of Planned Parenthood to protest from Feb. 14 to March 25 in an effort to end abortion. Feb. 13 was the largest