Top 5 Hangover Remedies

Suffered a hangover? Are you looking for a quick solution to feel better? We’ve got the answers. Here are the top five quick fixes for hangovers.

Goodbye to last round of Intensive English students

One staff member was let go from their position, two more members soon to follow. Kotaro Kawakubo​ is an international student from Tokyo, Japan who will lose his friend when a second language program shuts down in July. “A friend

The community speaks at town hall opioid meeting

California state senator Mike McGuire and County Supervisor Virginia Bass hosted a town hall meeting on March 29 to discuss the opioid crisis in Eureka. Panels of statewide experts, health professionals, local leaders and addiction specialists were present. Social work

Humboldt State faces healthcare shortage

One part-time psychiatrist working six hours a week. Students at HSU are facing a healthcare shortage. Brian Mistler has been the director of the Student Health and Wellness Services for two years. “I spent the first week on the job

Protest for gun control leads Arcata High students to walk out

Arcata High School students joined a nationwide walkout on March 14. The walkout was in reaction to the recent shooting in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a man with a semi-automatic rifle took the lives of three

Fear of heights versus rock climbers

Do rock climbers have a fear of heights? Watch the video to find out! Members of Humboldt State’s rock climbing club Andrew Musgrave, Becky Bell and Journey Ibe dive into their fear of heights. The video was created on Nov.

Zero to Fierce Festival for womanhood

Celebrating the matriarchy and raging grannies. The Arcata Playhouse hosted the Zero to Fierce Woman’s Festival last week. More than 30 events took place from March 5-11. Events ranged from musical performances to movie screenings to meditation. On March 8,

Microgrid is in the works

Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State was awarded a $5 million grant. The money is going to be used to build a microgrid at the Arcata-Eureka Airport in Mckinleyville. Peter Lehman, director of Schatz, said he was overjoyed when

Trade the small stuff for better stuff

Inspired by a Canadian man’s idea, HSU students have begun to trade their items of low value. No money is involved, it’s simply a game of trades. Humboldt State senior Adam Hayes entered a professor’s office looking to trade a

Career & Volunteer Expo offers job opportunities

The West Gym at Humboldt State held the annual Career & Volunteer Expo on Feb. 15. Employers’ tables were placed systematically in rows, a photographer took free headshots for prospective employees and there was a designated table for students to

Community gathers for David Josiah Lawson vigil

Lawson’s homicide case is still open. Mother of David Josiah Lawson, Charmaine Lawson, drove eight hours to the Arcata Plaza to speak at her son’s vigil to remember, honor and celebrate his life. The African American Center for Academic Excellence

Nurses knock on McKinleyville doors to promote healthcare for all

Members of the California Nurses Association and volunteers gathered at Pierson Park in Mckinleyville on Feb. 10 to inform residents about the Healthy California Act SB 562, and urge them to call state assemblyman Jim Wood. The bill guarantees healthcare