Word on the street

HSU Students emerge from hibernation Monday, April 23 was the first actual warm, sunny day in quite some time, and our resident vitamin-D-deprived students utilized the rare sunlight to its fullest extent. With temperatures reaching a high of *GASP* 78

“Divergence” dancers amaze audience

The audience at the John Van Duzer Theatre were fortunate enough to witness a cacophony of kinetic expression in the form of HSU’s annual spring dance concert on April 15, this year titled “Divergence.” Students of intermediate and advanced levels

Struttin’ the walkway internationally

An international fashion show Participants were invited to come dressed to represent their own cultural background or other cultures that interested them. Seven countries and cultures were represented with attire from China, India, Japan, Mexico, West Africa and Hawaii, as

A bite of the arts: HSU’s 5th annual 24 Hour Play Festival

March 24 marked HSU’s fifth annual 24 Hour Play Festival held in the Studio Theater. The 24 Hour Play Festival is an annual event produced by HSU students and faculty where students are given free reign and agency to direct,

Humboldt State students are in need of ODEI

Humboldt State’s current budget crisis has been on everyone’s mind since the gravity of our school’s financial situation was brought to light. Besides the obvious, inevitable budget cuts and downsizing, our budget crisis has and will affect much more than

HSU shows works of killer bunnies and neon crocodiles

Humboldt State hosts the artworks of Illinois-based professor and artist Laurie Hogin. Dozens of her paintings are displayed in the art department’s Reese Bullen Gallery, most of which highlight Hogin’s signature neon colors depicting chaotic scenes that involve brightly plumed

18th annual International Education Week

The 18th annual commencement of International Education Week at Humboldt State occurred last week from Feb. 5 through Feb. 9. The commencement began with an annual flag ceremony procession that snaked its way from the Feuerwerker House, up around the

Dorm-made kombucha is a thing

A funky, moldy belch clings desperately to the humid air, evoking a similar funk to a brewery. Will Suiter, 18, is an amateur chemist and kombucha connoisseur. He makes kombucha in his HSU dorm room. Kombucha, as many of us