Homelessness awareness

By | Juan Herrera Being homeless is a spot where not many people would like to be but if the situation appears you always need to be prepared. The Homeless Student Advocate Alliance (H.S.A.A), a club at Humboldt State, put

Multi-talented artists

  By | Juan Herrera The art world has no discriminations about who can “join” or become an artist. If someone can randomly put anything together and can technically still be considered art, then anyone who picks up a pencil

Scary Science

By | Juan Herrera Haunted houses are scary enough, throw in moving objects and you have a whole new ballgame. The Kinetic Sculpture Lab hosted their Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors to the Arcata community to give them a pre-scare

Hoppy at Hoptoberfest

By | Juan Herrera Drinking beer in any setting always causes for a great time, but doing it as a fundraiser causes for an even better time. On Saturday, Oct. 14 the Blue Lake Foundation board put on the 17th