A Groundtruthing Adventure

Volunteer groundtruthing adventure in the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park at EPIC’s annual Base Camp examines and documents environmental impacts of Caltrans ‘Last Chance Grade Project.’

Women thrive in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Seven groups for a total of 20 students from Humboldt State competed in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling in February. This year’s competition had the largest proportion of female competitors from HSU.

“Unsolved Hate,” the case of David Josiah Lawson

The murder of David Josiah Lawson happened almost 11 months ago. On April 15, 2017, the 19-year-old HSU student Lawson was stabbed multiple times at a house party in Arcata and he died shortly after. The case remains unsolved and

Dunes Climate Ready Study gains ground

In only the second half of the second year of the Dunes Climate Ready Study, the project is already providing researchers with interesting data. This projected five-year study is expected to provide a better understanding of sediment movement along the

CCAT’s new hydroponics system

Video by Kyra Skylark. CCAT, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology at HSU has installed a new hydroponics system at the house. The system was installed this semester and everyone at CCAT is excited to see how the project develops.

Weed for warriors

Back in November of last year, California passed Proposition 64 legalizing the recreational use of cannabis for adults. The legislation will fully come into effect with the the opening of recreational dispensaries within the state as of Jan. 1, 2018.

Spooky Dunes

This Sunday during Halloweekend, Friends of the Dunes invited kids and their families to the dunes for some spooky fun.

Goodbye Moonstone, hello rising sea levels

Picture Moonstone Beach. The sun is setting, creating a silhouette of Camel Rock against a watercolor sky of vibrant pinks and oranges. The ocean is at peace, beautifully calm and picturesque. Now imagine the beach in fifty years or so.

La Loba Loca vists CCAT

In a room packed so that only standing room remained, everyone there simply closed their eyes and focused on the knowledge that the seeds had to share.

Voices of students in STEM

This week focused on science majors hoping to go into careers centered around working with animals.

Voices of Student Science

Students of science talk about what drew them to the area and how the HSU community has affected their leaning experience.

Humboldt Pride

Humboldt Pride took place in the Arcata Plaza this year. Leading with the Pride Parade and culminating in the town square for a free open-mic, a drag lip-sync performance, live music, and other presentations. While a smaller event then previous

Divesting for a sustainable future

In 2013, HSU began the process to divest from fossil fuels. Since then, the goal of divesting has expanded and prompted growth within the university.

The storm is here

Humboldt state students express their thoughts on the series of recent natural disasters, explaining how the devastation impacts us all.

The enemy that sweats

Breathing in the Arcata air, you can feel the humidity invading your lungs. The usually crisp forest air has been exchanged for a hot, humid mugginess. The weather may be nice for weekend adventures, but trekking up the stairs to

Humboldt State, we are still in

Back in June, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. The “We Are Still In” community has arisen to push back against this decision. A coalition of mayors, governors, college and university leaders, as well as smaller businesses and investors, has been created in support of the Paris Agreement. We at Humboldt State are a part of the We Are Still In community.