EDITORIAL: Education can be bought

They say you can’t buy happiness, but it seems you can buy a college education On March 12, wealthy families were found to have paid thousands of dollars for their children to attend prestigious colleges. This includes the University of

Letter to the Editor: Charmaine Lawson in response to APD’S press release

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release Charmaine Lawson, mother of David Josiah Lawson: In response to APD’s Press Release Dear Humboldt County Community Members, I, Charmaine Lawson (Mother of DJ Lawson), was disheartened and outraged at the press release issued yesterday

Letter to the Editors

SQE students demand disarming campus police as part of statewide campaign at Board of Trustees

EDITORIAL: Badass womxn exist

Represent the badass women in history It’s Women’s History Month and we want to talk about something that has been bothering us in the Lumberjack Newsroom: the lack of badass female representation in media. When there are badass female characters

Virtual reality comes to Humboldt

By James Wilde   Virtual reality has come to Humboldt, with VR headsets available in both the McKinleyville and Humboldt State University libraries. Reporter James Wilde went to both libraries to check out virtual reality… For real.

Far North Boulderfest

By Christina Samoy If you like rock climbing, it’s time to take it to the next level and try glow in the dark bouldering. Reporter Christina Samoy went to Far North Gym to see for herself.

Trick or Treat on the Plaza

By Silvia Alfonso Trick or Treat on the Plaza is an event held every year where the community can come together in their costumes and eat some candy. Silvia Alfonso joined the festivities on Oct. 31 and spoke with community

CCAT Volunteer Fridays

By Chelsea Wood Getting your hands dirty never felt so gratifying, but for volunteers at Humboldt State University’s Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, otherwise known as CCAT, the satisfaction of hand-to-earth action persists each Friday, Chelsea Wood reports.

2018 California Proposition Results

There are currently 97.2 percent precincts reporting. Here are the proposition results for California. Information sourced from Proposition 1 Bonds Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans. Proposition 2 Bonds Authorizes state to use revenue

Congressional Election Results 2018

Election result updates for the House of Representatives and Senate This post was last updated on Tue. Nov. 6 at 11:43 pm.   28 seats not called.       5 seats not called. 2 Independent Winners: Bernie Sanders in

EDITORIAL: Check your prices not our backpacks

The marketplace forces students to leave their backpacks at the door so they don’t steal. Meanwhile, they’re stealing your money by overpricing their merchandise. In addition to abolishing this stupid rule, it’s time this university lowers their prices on food