KHSU protest in the plaza

The last remaining KSHU staff members resign, join a peaceful gathering of a few dozen held during weekly farmers market

Grand Juror breaks silence

Member of the criminal grand jury assembled for the matter of death of David Josiah lawson says ‘we have failed”

Preventing death

HSU is taking the initiative to prevent opioid overdoses with Narcan training

J4J protests

Protestors gather to demand justice for Josiah

It takes a village

Proposed housing project survives but gets thrown back for modifications

Backpacking not Ruck marching

Outdoor program creates community for HSU veteran students Driving back to Humboldt County after the Lightning in a Bottle music festival, Sean Dent found out his roommate kicked him out for no reason. Immediately after hearing the news he got

Earth First!

Two free events promoting new HSU scholarship in memory of slain environmental activist

Student spotlight

This week’s student spotlight shines on Deema Hindawi and Oliver Winfield-Perez

Student spotlight

Sociology peer mentors shine with YES and help students

Beyond these walls

Tony Platt discusses the truth behind the American criminal justice system

Any one of us

HSU alumni gives voice to incarcerated women in play

Yellow vests in the quad

Clubs and activities fair disrupted by Party for Socialism and Liberation