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21 Savage and Metro Boomin drop a classic with “Savage Mode II”




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KHSU must find a new temporary home

By Geneva Peppars Local radio station KHSU is set to temporarily relocate from its broadcasting station in the Theatre Arts Building. The building is undergoing construction to make sure it is fit to stand an earthquake. A staggering $7.6 million

Zac Shank wields his pillow weapon above his head moving toward a fellow pillow fighter. Photo by | Curran Daly

Valentine’s pillow fight takes over the Plaza

A Facebook event, filled the Arcata Plaza with people looking to have fun on Valentine’s day. By | Curran Daly A pillow fight erupted in the Arcata Plaza. The fight attracted people of all ages. At around 4 p.m. on

Voices of student science

By | Kelly Bessem ____________________________________________________ Voices of student science aims to highlight individual Humboldt State students majoring within the widespread realm of the sciences. ____________________________________________________________ Alycia Padilla is a 27-year-old wildlife major from Bakersfield, Calif. Padilla’s desire to protect and

Potential pipeline meets resistance

Story by | Emily Owen Since the 1970s, a Canadian-based energy company called Veresen Incorporated has been working on a plan to build a pipeline to carry natural gas through Southern Oregon, just 200 miles north of Arcata. After being

The pressure’s on to make metallic hydrogen

By Bryan Donoghue Within Humboldt State University, in the halls of Science A, there’s a cabinet that houses solid and metallic specimens of almost every element in the periodic table. One of the only absent solids is hydrogen, an element known

Love is in the brain

Where your butterflies get their wings By Claire Roth Like it or not, we as human beings are wired to fall in love, or at least to feel as though we are. That gooey, wonderful, frightening, upside-down-stomach feeling is actually

HSU Logging Sports Came, Sawed, and Conquered

by Kelly Bessem All 10 members of the Humboldt State logging sports team scored first place in at least one event during this year’s Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference in Redding, Calif. Humboldt State, Cal Poly, Shasta College, and UC Berkeley all

Letters from Pelican Bay

By| Tania Mejia By now, most of us know there are 2.3 million people behind bars, and that the U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population while housing 25% of the world’s prison population. Unlike other political topics, there

Editorial: Betsy Devos: Public School’s Enemy Number One

Warfare on Educational Welfare The war on our public education system is on. Betsy DeVos’s appointment as the Secretary of Education is the first indication that our education system is in trouble. DeVos’s devastating record of promoting the deregulation and

HSU Track Ready for the Road Ahead

By Andre Hascall As we enter February, track and field athletes are getting ready for the season. Humboldt State University Track and Field will start it’s season with their annual Green and Gold meet. The Green and Gold meet will

Jacks Pass

By Keaundrey Clark Men’s Basketball lMalik Morgan scored a season-high 22 points  as Humboldt State men’s basketball beat to Cal Poly Pomona, 71-60 Saturday in Lumberjack Arena. Morgan accounted for 11 of the his 22  points in the second half.

Oklahoma fans “boo” their ex

By Danny Dunn Chants of “Cupcake!” were heard throughout the arena in Oklahoma city when Kevin Durant returned to his former arena. Durant had a bitter-sweet night in his first game back in Oklahoma, since signing with the Golden State

Nudity Trumps popularity

The 4th Annual Mr. Humboldt Pageant delivers a night to remember

Freshman athletes adjust to college sports

By Curran Daly Freshman basketball player Kellen Gerig had yet to start a college game. In his first start of the season he played for 17 minutes. In high school, Gerig scored 26.1 points per game and lead his team