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Future housing developments for students in Arcata

As the busy students of Humboldt State University get back into the swing of things, some students are in the unfortunate situation of being homeless. While many think no actions have been taken, it is easy to notice the many

Restaurant review: The Burger Joint

One of Arcata’s latest restaurants launched their soft opening on Feb. 1: The Burger Joint. Owners Halleh Paymard and Will Hauser have a good thing going. The marquee above the front entrance grabs your attention. Once you’re hooked, you can’t

Women’s basketball walks away with another crazy win

Down by 12 points at halftime at Lumberjack Arena, HSU’s Lady Jacks made a second half comeback in their home game against Cal State East Bay on Feb. 1. HSU junior Jovanah Arrington scored a three-pointer in overtime to win

Last day to sign up for your intramural team

It is all about having fun, getting exercise and making new friends. HSU’s Recreational Sports Center offers six different intramural sports this semester, each with several leagues. Both soccer and basketball have three to six leagues, while sports including volleyball

Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.

NFL fans are one week away from the Super Bowl clash between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in what will mark the eighth time in 16 years that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be the starter in

Unclaimed property goes to auction

Objects get set down, forgotten and lost. Owners search high and low, their heads turn from side to side, frantically tracking down their lost objects. All lost and found items eventually end up in the University Police Department. UPD evidence

Justice isn’t complete with Nassar

The Michigan State University board of trustees must follow suit of the USA Gymnastics Board and all resign. Investigations into how Larry Nassar was allowed to prey on women at MSU for so long are being discussed. In an epic

Government shutdowns: uncertainty as a price for democracy?

The showcase of the United States’ unique democratic system happened on Jan. 20. It marked the one-year anniversary of a reality TV star’s presidential inauguration. It also highlighted the country’s freedom of speech in the form of a nationwide women’s

Jacks ball appoints coach White as interim coach

A new leader has been chosen to usher the Lumberjacks football team into the 2018 season. Jacks offensive line coach Cory White has officially been given the title of Humboldt State’s interim head football coach, as announced at a press

Staying healthy during the flu season

Flu season has begun and the California Department of Public Health provides weekly reports of the epidemic. In CDPH’s third weekly report, all Californians are encouraged to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible. An email sent by the CDPH

Alternative road to recovery

Humboldt County should reconsider establishing supervised injection facilities (SIFs). The subject matter is polarizing. The simplified idea of a SIF is to administer drugs with clean needles and controlled dosages. Counseling and other services are offered throughout the process. The

Flesh-eating Dermestid beetles serve a functional purpose

Often called skin beetles, carpet beetles or flesh-eating beetles, Dermestid beetles, from the family Dermestidae, are commonly used to safely clean bones. Consuming the tissue of a carcass, they leave behind a relatively untouched skeleton. There are other methods of


Inked Hearts returns for four days of fun.

Hummus gives hope to Syrian refugees

Inside a Humboldt bakery and cafe, a smooth chickpea spread, a greeting card and tote bag are not as ordinary as they might seem to the naked eye. When those items are sold from Los Bagels between Jan. 17-31, all