Seeing is not believing: hidden disabilities in science students

Every morning, Humboldt State University senior and cellular molecular biology student Shazi Saboori wakes up next to a stack of pill bottles. “Depending on the day, I take between 8-10 pills, including Adderall when I wake up,” Saboori said. “I

Students v. admins: frustrated conversations at the budget cuts walkout

“Students’ rights! Students’ rights!” “Where the fuck is Lisa? Where the fuck is Lisa?” “Cut her pay! Cut her pay!” Video by Bailey Tennery. HSU students could be heard storming through Siemens Hall yesterday, demanding the school’s administration to face

“If you can’t be rational, at least be real”

A conversation with science and beer. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, died from an angry mob because he refused to cross a field of beans. Followers of his cult, the Pythagoraeans, believed all numbers were either whole or ratios

Big trees, small trees, finding strengths in diversity

For Chelsea Obeidy, an environmental science graduate from Humboldt State, a small senior capstone project studying how different factors affect seedling growth became a publication. “I approached professor Pascal Berrill with the idea to monitor seedling growths for my senior

One man’s trash is another man’s supercomputer

HSU students Sean Haas and Jack Eicher build a supercomputer to better conduct biophysics research on campus. At large research institutions such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and International Business Machines, or IBM, supercomputers can cost anywhere from $100 million

The evolution of biology 105

Lab lessons elongated, curriculum reordered and software replaced. Why do science classes change so much and who makes these decisions? In a way, you do.

Sand, wind and poop: a tale of American dune grass’ life troubles

For undergraduates Elizabeth Nguyen and Sean Thull, their past summer was spent staring at grass. “We spent between two to four hours every three weeks, collecting data on Elymus mollis growth patterns at the Ma-l’el and Eel River foredunes,” Thull

Government shutdowns: uncertainty as a price for democracy?

The showcase of the United States’ unique democratic system happened on Jan. 20. It marked the one-year anniversary of a reality TV star’s presidential inauguration. It also highlighted the country’s freedom of speech in the form of a nationwide women’s

Affordable textbooks for an awesome cause

With a new semester comes a need for new textbooks and class texts. One club on campus, the Society for Women in Math and Sciences (SWiMS), is offering students an affordable book purchasing option. Carla Quintero, the president of SWiMS,