Be open and honest for better dating

by Kianna Znika We live in a time where most of us are liberated and independent enough to know that dating isn’t a necessity; we’ve done the work to be okay on our own. We pour love into ourselves, additionally

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Self-diagnosed autism is a trend

by Kae Dennert I would like to preface this with the words: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WITH DIAGNOSES; I believe autism is incredibly real, and a struggle a lot of people deal with, but I also believe that

Flush that fecal matter

by Jillian Wells Well folks, buckle up because we’re diving deep into the uncharted territory of unflushed mysteries on campus. I never thought my college experience would involve investigative journalism in the bathroom, but here we are.  Picture this: you

Cal Poly Humboldt embraces ChatGPT

by Carlina Grillo In recent years, ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence (AI) models have become mainstream, with many people having begun to wonder if this is something to fear, or something to embrace. Students and faculty at Cal Poly

Brand new birding club spreads its wings

by Griffin Mancuso An unusual new guest was spotted on the northern end of Brackish Pond in the Arcata Bird Sanctuary last Friday. Brandishing purple, blue, and green feathers with chicken-like feet, an adult purple gallinule had somehow made its

Thanksgiving leftovers? No thanks!

by Zack Mink Thanksgiving, although controversial, is still widely celebrated in the United States. According to, 83% of Americans were projected to be celebrating the holiday in 2021 and almost 90 million tons of food waste was generated (

Circus? You hardly know us!

by Carlina Grillo Big shoes, small cars, red noses and life-sized giraffes filled the Gist Theater in the late nights of Nov. 15-17. The Cal Poly Humboldt Circus presented this semester’s show named, “Circus? You hardly know us!”.  Doors opened

Mammalogy and more: the wonders of the Vertebrae Museum

by Emma Wilson In the depths of The Science C building, the Vertebrae Museum is home to carefully preserved specimens to help students understand the diversity and evolution of mammals.  Dr. Silvia Pavan, a professor at Cal Poly Humboldt and




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