Associated Students cuts $500,000 out of student programs

by Angel Barker Faced with a deficit of more than $500,000, the Associated Students (A.S.) met Friday to make huge cuts to student programs. The Womxn’s Resource Center saw a large cut of $25,850, Diverse Male Scholar Initiative was reduced

Pets keep students healthy and happy

by Savana Robinson Finals week: a stressful, anxious time for all. During this time, Raymond Haeckel, a forestry major at Cal Poly Humboldt, had a public panic attack. “It was really embarrassing and not the best on my mental health,”

Low effort and loving it

by Zack Mink Being in your I-don’t-give-a-f*ck (IDAGF) era means that you do what you need to do for yourself. For me currently, this means I’m showing up to class in the same outfits every week, or pressing snooze on

Cal Poly Humboldt students ride the waves

by Savana Robinson It was an overcast morning at Moonstone Beach in Trinidad, California on the morning of Sept. 17. A group of Cal Poly Humboldt students ran out into the waves, surfboards under their arms and wetsuits on their

Students struggle to navigate COVID-19 safety post-pandemic

by Zachary Mink and Griffin Mancuso While COVID-19 regulations have become more lenient at Cal Poly Humboldt, many students are still contracting COVID-19 and are unsure of where to find resources. EG.5 (Eris) is one of the newer variants of

Step into the Humboldt party scene: a review

by Christina Mehr Some say there’s no party scene here in Humboldt to have an opinion on, but they’re the people who have no friends and aren’t getting invited to things in the first place. Stay mad. For a campus

UPD still doesn’t have a police chief

by Brad Butterfield After a spring semester that saw The University Police Department’s force spread so thin that single-officer patrols were a norm, they have recently hired two new dispatchers, promoted an officer to sergeant, and hired one new officer.




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