Trees are Here to Help

How planting trees can serve as one branch of a climate action plan

Forest defense flies high in the Mattole Valley

Chunder Dome activists blockade the Long Ridge Road. Old-growth forests no longer exist in many places where they once thrived. According to National Geographic, the Redwood National Park contains less than five percent of the original two million acres of

Plant trees while you search the web

Working to combat deforestation around the world, Ecosia is a search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches the user makes. In an effort to balance out the harsh effects of deforestation around the world, certified “social business”

Benefits of being outside

As winter slowly creeps up on us as we continue through the semester, the ability to spend long periods of time outside while enjoying the sun are decreasing. The benefit of being outside right now is a mutually shared sentiment by students, professors, and faculty members.