Alchemy Distillery holds its monthly Saturday open house

Alchemy Distillery is located at 330 South G St. in Arcata, across from the Arcata Marsh. On March 31, owners Amy and Steve Bohner held their monthly Saturday open house tour of their distillery. This open house includes free tours

Consuming news safely

Sorting through the mainstream, and now local media When you turn on your local news TV station, you expect a solid mix of local and national news, and a variety of messages between stations. The news coverage from one area

Letter to the editor

New Student Housing Community in the Works for Lumberjacks! Dear Editor: I’m pleased to announce that The Village, a new housing choice, is in the works for students attending Humboldt State University. As you probably know, HSU currently has room

Seeing is not believing: hidden disabilities in science students

Every morning, Humboldt State University senior and cellular molecular biology student Shazi Saboori wakes up next to a stack of pill bottles. “Depending on the day, I take between 8-10 pills, including Adderall when I wake up,” Saboori said. “I

HSU hosts CSU Native American Initiative council

The California State University Native American Initiative began in March 2006 as the result of a CSU summit with the representing leaders of 40 California Tribes discussing strategies to instill a pathway to higher education for Native American families. Humboldt

Struttin’ the walkway internationally

An international fashion show Participants were invited to come dressed to represent their own cultural background or other cultures that interested them. Seven countries and cultures were represented with attire from China, India, Japan, Mexico, West Africa and Hawaii, as