HSU’s Basketball standings


By: Keaundrey Clark

CCAA – Men’s Basketball Standings

UC San Diego 9-1 14-3 L1
Chico State 8-1 15-2 W9
San Francisco State 7-2 14-2 W1
Sonoma State 7-2 11-4 W5
Cal State San Marcos 7-3 12-5 W5
Cal State Dominguez Hills 4-4 8-6 L2
Cal State East Bay 4-5 11-6 W2
Cal State LA 4-6 8-10 W1
Humboldt State 3-6 8-8 L4
Cal State San Bernardino 2-6 6-7 L3
Stanislaus State 2-7 5-11 L1
Cal Poly Pomona 1-8 3-10 L4
Cal State Monterey Bay 1-8 3-12 L3

CCAA – Women’s Basketball Standings

UC San Diego 9-1 13-3 W9
Stanislaus State 7-2 9-9 W3
Cal State East Bay 6-3 9-7 W1
Cal Poly Pomona 6-3 8-7 W1
Cal State San Bernardino 5-3 8-4 W3
Cal State LA 6-4 9-9 L2
Chico State 5-4 10-5 W2
Cal State San Marcos 5-5 8-7 L2
Sonoma State 4-5 8-7 L2
Humboldt State 4-5 5-11 W3
Cal State Dominguez Hills 1-7 4-11 L4
Cal State Monterey Bay 1-8 4-12 L3
San Francisco State 0-9 2-14 L10

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