LeDesma twins strive for greatness


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By Keaundrey Clark

We all know about sibling rivalries. We’ve all felt like we had to compete with our brothers or sisters. It’s apart of life.

Juniors Catie and Andie LeDesma are twin long distance runners for the Humboldt State’s Track and Field team. The sisters exemplify what it means to have a sibling rivalry. The amazing thing about these sisters is that they are actually apart of a set of triplets. Their other sister is attending college at Sacramento State.

“It’s great we’ve been running together all our lives,” Catie LeDesma said.

The sisters started running at the age of five. Their father, who ran track in college at San Diego State, has been a big help along the way.

Catie didn’t start out at HSU, she transferred from Minot State University in 2015 after deciding she wanted to add a second major on top of Applied Math and a grueling athletic schedule.

“The school didn’t offer physics as a major,” Catie Ledesma said. “I knew HSU did, also I knew my sister was here, so after to talking to coach (Pesch) I ended up running at HSU.”

Catie isn’t just double majoring; she’s also minoring in Chemistry. Catie recently competed in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Catie does off the track, she’s just as amazing on it. Catie has one of the top ten best times in the 5,000 meter run at HSU.

Andie LeDesma, not to be outdone by her sister, is excellent in her own right. She has the third fastest 3,000 meter steeplechase time in HSU history.

As long as she’s been running, she has had her sisters running with her stride for stride.

“It was nice running with them, having someone to run with,” said Andie LeDesma.

The LeDesma sisters share a bond that is deep. Running is apart of that bond. So is the competitive nature they share on the field.

“When we were little we were running a road race, and I passed Catie up. She tried to tackle me when I went by her,” said Andie LeDesma. “She said never again, and I’ve only beaten her a few times ever since.

They have helped the Lumberjack Track and Field program since they’ve been on campus with top 10 finishes at CCAA Championships since they’ve been here.

Head Coach Scott Pesch knows he has two great athletes on his hands.

“Overall the success of being a student athlete is being great on and off the field,” Pesch said.

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