Nudity Trumps popularity


The 4th Annual Mr. Humboldt Pageant delivers a night to remember

Photo story by | Ali Osgood

The stage is littered with polyester panties and glittered confetti as the newest Mr. Humboldt is crowned. Audience members yell in disappointment when their favorite candidate faces an upsetting defeat to a Trump look-a-like clad in a spandex leotard and a thick layer of orange bronzer.

Mr. King of Outerspace, more formally known as J.D. Brown, endured a night of dance-offs, comedic challenges, and brutal objectification to win the crown at the 2017 Mr. Humboldt Pageant. Brown competed against nine other contestants to a sold out show at the Arcata Theatre Lounge on Saturday night.
The swimwear competition is popular with the audience as they yell in approval while the nearly-nude men display their confidence. They were challenged to make their own “pussy hats” in solidarity with the Women’s March movement advocating for equal rights. Mr. Outerspace impressed the judges with a bold outfit choice: a golden cape and an oversized red necktie, leaving little to the imagination.
Hosts (from left) Andrew Goff and Johanna Nagan introduce the contestants while the crowd yells out in approval. Throughout the evening, Goff and Nagan facilitate interviews and challenges each contestant while the judges note comedic value, style, and delivery of each contestant’s performance.
thADVENTUROUS, or Thaddeus Erskine, brought gifts for the judges while Nagan prompts an interview question. His bribes may not have helped him continue on to the final round, but his back flips and skimpy swimsuit helped him win Mr. Congeniality- an award granted to the fella’ with the highest count of undergarments from the crowd.
Mr. Produce bows to the crowd. The produce clerk for the North Coast Co-op, had a dramatic night. He was eliminated after the swimwear competition but re-entered the competition for the final round after raising the most funds and came second to Mr. Outerspace. When President Trump look-a-like J.D. Brown was announced the winner, Mr. Produce supporters felt a familiar sense of loss. Drawing parallels to the recent presidential election, Mr. Produce said “I feel like Hilary.”

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