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Voices of student science

By Claire Roth

Tarah Moleski, environmental management and protection major in the environmental planning option. Photo by Claire Roth

Tarah Moleski is originally from Sacramento and is an environmental management and protection major in the environmental planning option.

Moleski’s choice of major stems from her interest in multiple fields of study.

“I chose my major because I was switching from psychology and was learning a lot about the environment and this one really spoke to me,” Moleski said. “My emphasis is policy and I figure that was the only way to make changes in this world. I’m not too sure about that now.”

As for the future, Moleski plans to take a break from academics to see what the outside world has in store.

“I’ve been in school since birth basically, I’m tired of it,” Moleski said. “ I’m going to take some time for myself and travel, but then eventually, I want a federal job somewhere trying to plan for either wildland conservation or maybe sustainable transportation.”


Jett Hagerty, environmental science major in the ecological restoration option. Photo courtesy of Jett Hagerty

Jett Hagerty is from Placerville, California and is majoring in environmental science under the ecological restoration option.

Even before attending HSU, Hagerty always felt an attachment to the natural world.

“I choose my major because I’ve had a strong connection to the outdoors my whole life and grew up on a beautiful watershed near Lake Tahoe that I’ve been passionate to protect,” Hagerty said. “I want to mainly leave the most positive footprint I can with my life and do something that protects what’s truly important.”

Following graduation from HSU, Hagerty wants to take up hands-on work involving the environment.

“I’m thinking that I can see myself being a ranger for a while or working in sustainable  fisheries,” Hagerty said.

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