Catching senioritis


A disease afflicting 90 percent of seniors

By|Chelsea Medlock

After midterms are submitted, seniors at universities and colleges may suffer from senioritis. Symptoms of senioritis include laziness, short temper, irritation, and high stress rates. Senioritis is so important to discuss because it marks a pivotal point in the lives of young adults. Senior status students now have 100 percent control over setting where and what their occupation, shelter, and lifestyle standards will be.

For some, senioritis is finally settling down with family.

“I will give birth to my daughter this August after I graduate. I have a great support system as I watch all the beauty unfold”, Nicole Campos.

College and university will change the lives of student across the world this May. Campos plans to spend more time with her new family in Humboldt County now that she will no longer be a college student.

Other issues began to take priority before students can walk across the stage. College is a business that does not make education cheap or easy to pay for. Constant increase in annual tuition can be expensive while you work on making it to the finish line. Every college student’s experience varies and some are better than others. Making it important to recognize the causes of senioritis and combat them.

“We are all in the same boat struggling to succeed, whatever it means to “succeed” I’m just not ready for Sallie Mae to take money I don’t even have yet.”, says Josh Allen, Environmental Science.

Money becomes the main factor in solving most students issues through senioritis.

“The cloak of the beauty of college dissipates and you realize diplomas don’t make a huge difference when it comes to hard work, but thinking it will,  is naive.”, says Roger Ezri.

Ezri, a Brookyln, New York naive will return to BK shortly after getting his degree in Biochemistry and Botany because he has outgrown Humboldt. He never wants to move back in with his parents  and is working on getting his own housing and new job.

Talk to you advisor if you believe you have symptoms of senioritis this year.


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