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By Andre Hascall

There are many noteworthy student athletes at Humboldt State University. This week we highlight track star and future graduate student, Alyssabeth DeJerez. A fourth year Psychology Major on her way to graduate from Humboldt State, and continue her education in Human Development at Sacramento State.

DeJerez went to Bonita Vista High School, in San Diego. “In High School I wasn’t really good at track,” DeJerez said. “It quickly became my passion.” Unable to go to a Division 1 school for track, she decided to come to Division 2 HSU. In 2014, DeJerez’s second year at Humboldt, she ended the season being eighth overall in the 400 meter hurdles. Accomplishing this just a year after her promise to Humboldt coaches.

“I had the opportunity to transfer my sophomore year,” DeJerez said. “Now way. I’m not going to leave the school that believed in me.” Paying back the school and the team that put faith into her by going back to back First overall in the 400 meter and 400 meter hurdles in 2015 and 2016. Alongside being first place two years in a row, DeJerez broke records for the Humboldt State Women’s Track. In the the 400 meter hurdles she is, All-Time Top #1 with a time of  59.23 seconds, All-Time Top #1 in the 400 meter at 54.5 seconds, and All-Time Top #2 in the 200 meter with 34.94 seconds.


Juggling between sports and studies will always be a difficult task. DeJerez even considered taking a year off from school at one point. But the professors in the Psychology department wanted her to stay on her path. “ They said i had the potential to go to grad school, and walked me through every step of the way,” DeJerez said. “I wouldn’t be leaving in the Fall if it weren’t for them.”
DeJerez works multiple jobs as well, helping with students in Eureka who have behavioral issues, and in the Research Labs in the Psychology Department. Having a full schedule not only would make you tired, but it doesn’t leave much room for social life other than at practice. “I pretty much don’t sleep very much,” DeJerez said. “But if I didn’t have my team it’d be worse.

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