ADPIC member, Kawainohiaakalani Navares, signing students in at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Oct. 4.
ADPIC member, Kawainohiaakalani Navares, signing students in at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Oct. 4.

Moon full of cake


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By | Juan Herrera

A room full of smiles, laughter, and mooncake took over the Kate Buchanan Room as HSU students celebrated the beautiful full moon.

Matilda Bunchongchitr, co-coordinator of Asian Desi Pacific Islander Collective (ADPIC), says that for her the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration is a slight taste of what home would be like if she was there.

A group of students enjoying mooncake and games at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Oct. 4, 2017.

“Usually today I’m with family around a table eating and celebrating together,” Bunchongchitr said. “Instead I’m here and can’t go home because the school doesn’t acknowledge it.”

Bunchongchitr mentioned that ADPIC puts on this festival so students and community members like her have a place to go and celebrate this holiday to give a little sense of home.

Branden Mark, HSU student and co-coordinator of ADPIC, states that the main dish for this Asian holiday is called a mooncake. According to Mark, the mooncake for Asians is like turkey served on Thanksgiving for Americans.

“It’s basically the Asian’s version of Thanksgiving.” Mark said. “In America’s culture you celebrate with turkey and in Asia’s you celebrate with mooncake.”

Mark said that back home people use this holiday as reunion for families to get back together over a big meal and catch up on life. According to Mark, mooncake is more of a sweet tasting dish served best as a dessert.

Nikki Xiong, ADPIC president, standingat their clubs table at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Oct. 4.

According to Nikki Xiong, president of ADPIC, the history of the full moon not only shows it’s beauty but also would appear the same time Asians would harvest rice fields. He mentions that is the reasoning for a huge celebration with lots of food.

“Traditionally the moon festival was a celebration of the rice harvest not just the moon,” Xiong said. “People would have so much food they would invite all their family and friends over for a celebration meal.”

Xiong mentions that ADPIC has put on this festival for five years now and each year keeps getting better and better.

“We like to provide a home away from home environment for our community,” Xiong said. “This festival gives a chance for anyone to share their background or story in a safe environment with good traditional food.”

Xiong mentions that ADPIC host two festivals a year and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is only the pregame for the next one. According to Xiong his club will also be hosting a much larger Lunar Festival with live music, more games, and more food.

The Lunar Festival will be taking place Friday, February 16, 2018.

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