HSU Cheer readying for practice Photo credit: Andre Hascall
HSU Cheer readying for practice Photo credit: Andre Hascall

Show Spirit, Support Awareness

HSU Cheer invites all students/faculty to participate in their Breast Cancer awareness dance at Halftime on the 21st. Practice days the 16th, the 19th and the 20th.

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By | Andre Hascall

Football highlights one month of the year to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Every year the athletes on the cheer and football teams gear up with pink in October.

Western Oregon comes to town to battle Humboldt, on the 21st. And as a special treat at halftime, the Lumberjack cheer squad is planning a Breast Cancer awareness performance.

One cheer coach, Teron Schaeffer, emphasized that everyone is welcome to participate.

Photo credit: Andre Hascall

“We want to fill the field,” Schaeffer said. “We want a lot of people to flood the field and make it as big as possible.”

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to come practice a few easy dance moves on three days preceding the 21st. Those days are on the 16th, 19th and the 20th.

Schaeffer went on to say that bows will be sold the week preceding the game. You will even be able to find them at the tailgate before the game.

This is a great way to bring the campus together more with the power of spirit. Breast Cancer awareness month is more sentimental for some. That’s true for the Cheer Teams Stephanie Rodriguez.

Photo credit: Andre Hascall

“My mom was diagnosed before I came up to Humboldt,” Rodriguez said. “Being 12 hours away from home, having the support of the school and team is heartwarming.”

Head coach, Isabel Quintero is the mind behind the performance.

“I did this for my High School, and a lot of NFL teams do it too,” Quintero said. “We get the chance to bring the entire school together and promote awareness.”

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