Paddle Fest at Humboldt Bay Photo credit: Reza Sadeghzadeh
Paddle Fest at Humboldt Bay Photo credit: Reza Sadeghzadeh

Homecoming Paddlefest


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By | Reza Sadeghzadeh and Andre Hascall

Warm, sunny days are nice to enjoy while you have the chance in Humboldt county. Homecoming and Family weekend happened to land on some days like that.

Photo credit: Reza Sadeghzadeh

One of the weekends events, known as Paddlefest, put together by the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, located in Eureka.

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center works with HSU Center activities. Working together to provide a unique experience, building relations among local community members, organizations and the HSU campus.

Josh Remley, a freshman at HSU, experienced his first college homecoming weekend.

Photo credit: Reza Sadeghzadeh

“We get to enjoy this beautiful sunny day out on the water,” Remley said. “Today is special because my family is here to visit me.”

Junior, Aaron Tasub, Zoology major, had his fourth go-around at Paddlefest this year

“I moved up here from from Southern California and you can’t get this kind of experience down there,” Tasub said.

Paddlefest takes place annually, and is reserved as a Family weekend event, but is open to all.

“The Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center offers students the chance to do a lot more outdoor activity,” Tasub said. “I try to get out her and kayak as much as possible.”

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