College Creek Field Photo credit: Iridian Casarez
College Creek Field Photo credit: Iridian Casarez

Humboldt State athletics shows kindness with Sonoma State


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By | Keaundrey Clark

Sports glorifies the competitive spirit where one should be better than their opponent, every little advantage or slip-up can mean victory or defeat. It’s rare to see sportsmanship, and more rare to see acts of kindness when it’s least expected.

Humboldt State athletics showed it’s sportsmanship this past weekend when Sonoma State’s soccer program used its facilities this past weekend as the Northern California wildfires have displaced many in the Sonoma and Napa Counties.

College Creek Field Photo credit: Iridian Casarez

“As soon as we heard about fires and people being displaced we contacted Sonoma State to see what we could do,” said Interim Athletic Director Duncan Robbins. “We were worried about our friends down there.”

Sonoma State closed Oct. 9, and opened back up last Wednesday, making it nine days that the school was closed. The soccer teams haven’t played in two weeks because of the bad air quality which resulted in two cancelled games.

The team has spent some of that tie in the community helping families who have been displaced by the fires.

“Our teams have been taking the time off to do a lot of volunteer work,” said associate athletic director Brandon Bronzan “We’ve been at evacuation shelters passing stuff out to those in need, we’ll do clinics to raise for those who’s lost their houses.”

The fire even claimed the home of Sonoma State President Judy Sakaki.

Senior Katie Mohr’s family had to evacuate several times because of the fire, luckily her childhood home where her parents live did not burn down.

“It feels good, we have a really good team and support system,” said Mohr. “It feels good to get away from it all and we know we have bigger reason and purpose to play for.”

In its first games since Oct. 8, the Seawolves men’s team went 2-0 defeating Cal State L.A. and Dominguez Hills. The nationally ranked women’s team defeated Cal State L.A. and tied with Dominguez Hills.

If you would like to help and make a donation, here are some charities you can donate to: the Humane Society of Sonoma County, Humane Society of Napa County and Yuba-Sutter SPCA.

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