Ariana Catanuso (top) and Darci Kudrna (bottom) practice AcroYoga in Gist Hall. Photo credit: Tyler Boydstun

The Freaks Lament – A Humboldt Circus Presentation


By Keaundrey Clark and Bryan Donoghue

Humboldt State Circus is hosting The Freak’s Lament Circus Show from Oct. 26-28 in the Gist Hall Theatre

“Come have some laughs,” said co-president Ashley Bowles. “Don’t take life too seriously.”

Acroyoga club president Darci Kudrna (top) and Michael Perez (bottom) practice AcroYoga in Gist Hall. Photo credit: Tyler Boydstun

HSU’s Circus Club has been around for 17 years. It’s a place where students go to have fun, express themselves.

“Beacon for anyone who wants to come in be weird and have fun,” said Bowles

Every semester, the club puts on a performance for HSU and the community. Sometimes they’ll be joined by other groups on campus like The Marching Lumberjacks.

This year, AcroYoga Club will be performing with them.

Ariana Catanuso and Michael Perez practice AcroYoga inside Gist Hall. Photo credit: Tyler Boydstun

“We’re practicing AcroYoga for the circus show,” said club president Darci Kudrna. “There’s a circus performance and circus club, and we collaborated with AcroYoga.”

AcroYoga is a mix between gymnastics and yoga. It’s partner-based yoga involving a lot of gymnastic based flips and turns, all with partners.

“We have two acts and both of them have a theme,” said Kudrna. “The general theme of a circus show is the death of a circus.”

Ariana Catanuso (top) and Darci Kudrna (bottom) practice AcroYoga in Gist Hall.

“We wanted to stick with that theme in our first act, which is death oriented. We wanted to incorporate colors of red and black to show death,” said Kudrna. “The second one is afterlife, is what we called it. It’s going to be a little more flowy, and gold and white, and have the lighting to show more of the afterlife slower and more different skills they have.”

Clubs like these on campus are a place where students can go and feel accepted without being judged.

“It’s a safe free space, we don’t discriminate. said Bowles. “We invite anybody and everybody to come by.”

The circus is $10 dollars for students and $12 for general admission.

AcroYoga meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. in the Rec and Wellness Center in room 126.

Humboldt Circus meets Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m. in the West gym.

Here is video of the AcroYoga and Circus Clubs practicing for the Fall Circus Show.

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