Graphic by Iridian Casarez
Graphic by Iridian Casarez

We ain’t afraid of no ghost


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Ghosts are figments of our imagination.

That strange presence you’ve felt is your mind playing tricks on you. Chances are there is a rational explanation for that mysterious noise you heard in the middle of the night. The prickly feeling on the back of your neck that raises the hairs on your arm is probably due to a minor neck sprain, not a sign of a ghost. But some of us are not willing to engage in a practical analysis of unexplained phenomenons. The unwavering faith in ghosts is too fantastic to rule out.

When people claim to witness paranormal activities, they either hallucinated during the moment or fabricated the story.

For instance, the ghostly apparition may have been caused by inhaling black mold or carbon monoxide, which is known to cause hallucinations. Suffice it to say that there is no shortage of mold in Humboldt County. Other causes of hallucination include sleep paralysis, side effects of medication or mental illness.

Paranormal reality television shows like Ghost Hunters are duping you. Ghost hunters are as qualified as Scooby-Doo and the mystery gang. Hollywood continues to release terrifying movies about ghosts to cater to the impressionable imagination. All in all who knows how many ghost stories are out there?

Ghosts have captivated people for centuries. The mysticism of spirits walking among the living continues to have a powerful effect on the psyche. After all, the idea of life after death is more comforting than eternal oblivion. However, believing in ghosts is like taking Star Wars or your favorite superheroes literally. The same can be said about the bold certainty of nothingness after we die. The point is, neither science nor religion can prove that ghosts exist.



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