Lucas Miller serving in the marines overseas | Lucas Miller

Lucas Miller – A marine and Humboldt hero


By | Keaundrey Clark

Lucas Miller is a local product of Humboldt, he was honored by Humboldt Heroes, a local recognition for Humboldt Veterans. Lucas starred at Mckinleyville High from 2007 to 2011. After he served in the Marines before coming back to to play for Humboldt State University.

LJ: What made you decide to join the marines?

LM: In my opinion, It’s the most honorable branch of service. Tat that moment in my life my attention should be served in the military. I had always had a passion for it.

LJ: What was it like when you first enlisted, where you nervous, scared, anxious?

LM: I was definitely anxious at first, then it kinda hit you in the face. You have to move on your feet, so there’s not really time to feel sorry for yourself. Had to roll with the punches.

LJ: How has being in the military changed you life for the better?

LM: It definitely gave me a lot of core values.

LJ: What one thing you you take from military that you use in daily life, a routine, a motto, anything?

LM:Communication, I took the ability to communicate, you learn how to communicate with everybody. It could be verbal or non-verbal. Communication in hostile or regular situations. It helps to be able to talk to people everyday.

LJ: What was the hardest moment you faced when you were serving?

LM: Being away from family, I missed them a lot.

LJ: For anyone interested in joining the military, what would you tell them.

LM: Go for it, know what you want to do, do your research. If that’s what you want to do I think it’s a great decision.

LJ: What does being honored by Humboldt Heros mean to you, especially as a member of the community yourself?

LM: I means that sometime in my life someone looked to me for something I’ve been doing all my life.

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