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Last day to sign up for your intramural team


It is all about having fun, getting exercise and making new friends.

HSU’s Recreational Sports Center offers six different intramural sports this semester, each with several leagues. Both soccer and basketball have three to six leagues, while sports including volleyball and dodgeball have two leagues.

Mark Manzon is a sophomore majoring in kinesiology. He has played basketball his whole life and wanted to join intramurals to get back on the court. He also wanted to escape the books every once in a while.

“I play in three different basketball leagues,” Monzon said. “‘A’ league is more competitive than ‘B’ league, but they are all fun.”

HSU junior Destiny Hill-Brekke enjoys the getaway from everyday life that playing in intramurals provides.

“Playing helps me relieve stress,” Brekke said. “You also get to meet new people and even play against great athletes, ones you wouldn’t expect.”

Brekke plays in a soccer, flag football and dodgeball league. She has been playing since the first semester of her sophomore year and enjoys them the more and more she participates.

“My favorite is definitely dodgeball,” Brekke said. “It makes me feel like a kid again. But, soccer, I have played my whole life, so that is also a favorite.”

Along with students, community members and HSU faculty are welcome to join intramural teams. Community members are asked to pay a $30 fee per semester, and faculty pay a $15 fee per semester.

The last day to sign up for this spring 2018 semester is Feb. 4 online at The leagues officially starts Feb. 11. Anyone is welcome to join any established team or there is an option to build your own new team at no cost.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t won any championships I’ve played in,” Manzon said, “but this semester, my team is taking it!”


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