Photo by Diego Linares.
Photo by Diego Linares.

HSU softball splits series against UC San Diego


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Softball stays undefeated on Saturdays.

Danica Grier sent a pitch into shallow center field that allowed Illa Haley to round third base and slide home for the game-winning run in extra innings for the first of two wins against University of California, San Diego on Feb. 17.

“It was good competition, but we came back and performed the way we should every game. We’re strong and we work together,” Haley said.

The Humboldt State University softball team went 2-2 in a four-game series against UCSD that started on Feb. 16 in the softball field. HSU lost the first two games on Friday, then turned around and came away with two wins on Saturday.

HSU is now 0-4 on Fridays and 4-0 on Saturdays since starting play against California Collegiate Athletic Association opponents on Feb. 9.

Shelli Sarchett, head coach of the HSU softball team, said that good things come when the players trust in themselves and their teammates.

“Our Fridays are rough, but it shows the fortitude that these ladies have. Just because we’re beat and facing adversity–they’re going out there and not quitting,” Sarchett said. “They’re showing they can play the game of softball.”

Jasmine Hill pitched seven scoreless innings in relief work for HSU throughout the games on Saturday, picking up the wins in both contests.

“I saw a lot of team effort. I saw us come together as a family, finally gel and find that connection,” Hill said after the first win. “It was great. It was a great moment, a great experience.”

UC San Diego head coach Patti Gerckens said that due to a couple missed spots by their pitchers, Humboldt had some hard hits on Saturday.

“It was very disappointing,” Gerckens said. “I thought we would come away with one game today, if not two.”

The HSU and UCSD softball teams now have a 4-4 record in the CCAA after the weekend. The same as two other teams, California State University, East Bay and San Francisco State University.

On Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 the softball team will host a four-game series against California State University, Stanislaus.

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