Shift manager Ciana Johnson (left) poses with two cups of Szechuan sauce, as store manager, Anna Lueras, smiles with a box of the sauce on Feb. 24. Photo by Garrett Goodnight.
Shift manager Ciana Johnson (left) poses with two cups of Szechuan sauce, as store manager, Anna Lueras, smiles with a box of the sauce on Feb. 24. Photo by Garrett Goodnight.

Don’t get lost in the Szechuan sauce!


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Rick, McDonald’s is really out here!

Seth Distefano is a Humboldt State freshman majoring in wildlife. Distefano has been working at McDonald’s for just over four months and he was shocked when he learned about the Szechuan sauce’s return.

“It was all over the news that people were selling them for crazy amounts of money,” Distefano said. “I heard that one girl traded a packet for a car!”

The packet of dipping sauce that people are raving about is a condiment that was created for Disney’s animated film “Mulan” in 1998.

Beginning in 1996, McDonald’s and Disney agreed to promote and work with each other leading up to the film. For 10 years, Disney products were making their way into every McDonald’s kid’s meal.

The sauce resurfaced, thanks to the help of cartoon series Rick and Morty. The animated series originally aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in 2013. The first two seasons was released a year apart, while the third season took two years to produce.

The first episode of season three was released on April Fool’s Day in 2017.

At the end of the episode, Rick fills the audience in on important information. Rick says he has been on a very long adventure attempting to relocate the special Szechuan sauce.

This elaborate story surrounding the sauce was attached to Rick’s escape plan, where he was able to break out of the Galactic Federation Prison where he’s been locked up since the ending of season two.

Originally, McDonald’s promised Rick and Morty fans they would revive the Szechuan sauce for one specified day. On Oct. 7, 2017, all hell broke loose as McDonald’s was not prepared for the amount of fans that demanded for the sauce.

Diana Naal is a sophomore majoring in economics at HSU and a fan of Rick and Morty. She worked for McDonald’s in Arcata during the time of the initial release last October.

“Our store didn’t receive any of the sauce,” Naal said. “Some people came in three days afterwards and were asking for the sauce.”

On Feb. 22, McDonald’s broke silence about the Szechuan sauce.

Anna Lueras is a local store manager at McDonald’s in Arcata.

“I didn’t even know we were getting it,” Lueras said. “We were given three boxes of the sauce.”

Each box contains a total of 250 individual dipping cups. The Arcata McDonald’s, located off of Giuntoli Lane, was shipped 750 cups of the Szechuan sauce. At 50 cents per pack, they are estimated to sell out quickly.

As stores across the United States receive the special sauce over the weekend, fans rejoiced.

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