Queso Kings not only uses award-winning Loleta cheese, they have the stamp of approval from Humboldt’s very own culinary cavalier, Guy Fieri. Photo by Zac Sibek.
Queso Kings not only uses award-winning Loleta cheese, they have the stamp of approval from Humboldt’s very own culinary cavalier, Guy Fieri. Photo by Zac Sibek.

Queso is king in Loleta


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Nobody is re-imagining one of America’s classic foods as deliciously as the Queso Kings.

Now and then, life gets hard. Our jobs, our studies, hell, even our passions can wear us out. When it comes to getting away from it all and finding our happy places, there are all sorts of way to do it. One of the ways to de-stress is with some good old comfort food. Sometimes, finding that perfect meal can feel impossible.

Comfort foodies, your search is over. Nestled in a modest farm town of 750 people lies Humboldt County’s cheesiest secret: Queso Kings Grilled Cheese Bar in Loleta.

What could be so special about a piece of melted cheese between toasted bread? Queso Kings is delicious, and it won’t hurt your wallet either. Any sandwich on the menu is $7, unless you want a meal, which comes with soup for $11.

Walking in to the cheese bar there is a chalkboard menu with names like “Mardi Gras,” “Smokin’ Pig” and “After School Special.” Around the corner, cheese samples line the walls, creations from the Loleta Cheese Factory who supplies the grilled cheese bar with their queso, with a variety that will make you happier than a hungry college student at Costco on a Saturday.

The first was “The Divine Order,” a simple and yummy combination of herb and spice havarti with grilled chicken on rustic country bread. The havarti was gooey, sweet and buttery, pairing perfectly with the chicken. The toast was crunchy and light, but the cheese was just bomb. The “Divine Order” tasted like it was anointed by the pope and kissed by Jesus before it was put into the basket.

Next up was the “Bay Area Brisket,” made with tender and juicy brisket, roasted garlic jack and smokey cheddar on sliced sourdough. The combination of garlic jack and smoked cheddar brought together a savory flavor that will send your taste buds on a vacation. It is the perfect comfort food with the brisket to top it off, adding an extra layer of flavor and heartiness to the sandwich.

Next to the “Divine Order,” the brisket was the absolute winner. The gooey jack cheese mixed with the sharpness of the cheddar made that sandwich and you will definitely be going back to get another bite.

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